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The Voice & Vision Tarot is our latest and last tarot deck.

Our most comprehensive project to date, it represents more than 2,000 hours of work, over the last 18 months.


- Fully Illustrated 78 Card Deck - 3x5 Inch Cards - Metallic Gold Edges


- Full Color Companion Booklet - 108 Pages


- Scroll feat. Major Arcana, Astrology and Tree of Life Illustrations - 8.5 x 26 Inch

- Over 30 animated videos, triggered by images on Major Arcana cards, Scroll &  Outer Box 

(Viewed with free app on your mobile device or via privateYouTube channel)

- Illustrated Tarot Correspondences PDF Guidebook Download - 56 Pages 

- Tarot Birth Card Digital File for Download

(Provided as a high resolution e-mail attachment for quality print out)

- $75 USD


I would like to express my deep gratitude to the participants listed below. Their collaboration was a key element in this project by providing their individual voices and visions in response to the images. Combining their extensive experience as tarot readers and authors with the freedom to interpret in their own intuitive ways.  Also a very special thanks to Amie Emberharte, the actual voice behind the various video sequences. Her words, tone and delivery added an extra dimension.  Her narrative not only reflects her profound experience with tarot and the underlying essence of each card, but also expands on their story telling. Elevating the images beyond the limitations of an otherwise static moment in time that is a printed image. 

Michelle Welch


Paula Chaffee Scardamalia


Sheilaa Hite


Sasha Marchetti


Thalassa Therese

Amie Emberharte


 In addition to the physical Voice&Vision package, you have access a collection of related  animated videos. Each video corresponds to a specific aspect, encompassing the major arcana cards, the diverse zodiac periods, and a concise summary for each suite element.

These videos not only provide engaging summaries of each subject but also elevate the storytelling beyond static printed images. Each video offers a brief, approximately 60-second sequence with voice overs narrated  by Amie Emberharte, adding context  and perspective to the core imagery.


To access these animations simply download the FREE "ARTIVIVE" app and install onto your mobile device. With the app opened, direct your device's camera towards any of the card images of the Major Arcana, the 4 Royale court images on inner panels of the outer box, and the areas of the scroll indicated below.

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