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The symbolism featured in the Provenance deck embraces those used both in the conventional suits of modern playing cards—Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades, with the corresponding symbols of the minor arcana found in traditional tarot decks: Wands, Coins, Cups, and Swords. Which in turn, align with the elemental forces of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.

$38 USD

In my various tarot deck designs over the years, I've chosen to apply distinct color codes to each of these elemental forces. These colors are applied to the borders of this deck, enhancing the elemental essence of each suit and visually reinforcing the connection to its tarot past.  Although the selected colors of these elements can manifest themselves in a variety of shades and tones in nature, for easier connection and representation purposes, I've simplified them to their most emblematic associations.

For Fire, the red of burning embers and flames. Earth, despite its diverse palette, represented by the lush green of fertile lands and verdant foliage of forests. Water, though naturally colorless, takes on its color from reflection, in this case the golden hue of the variety of chalices utilized in my previous deck designs. For Air, while it can manifest in numerous forms, from golden sunsets to dark stormy clouds, the  blue of a clear sky serves as its primary color association.


This shared color scheme in addition to the combined use of both traditional and contemporary symbols on each card reinforces the common heritage. Enabling the Provenance deck to functions both as full deck of playing cards but also a decorative tool for divination


The Provenance deck has been printed as a limited edition of 300. Each deck is personally signed and accompanied by small card sized certificate 

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