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The Jester's Journey is the current project I'm working on. Consisting of two related items. A fully illustrated book and a series of animated videos that will visualize the concept of the Tarot Fool's journeys through the cards of the Major Arcana, each describing the characters, scenes and significance depicted in each, utilizing the various images of each card I have produced over the years.


The objective is to visually retell these epic tales, but to do so  in a manner that offers a rich visual and narrated experience, one that will both entertain but also provide new perspectives.

This project represents a significant amount of work, and probably won't be completed until the end of the year. But I plan to periodically upload samples of work in progress. Please subscribe to this site if you would like to be informed of any principal future visual updates and sample animated sequences.


Below are some early drafts of the front cover, and double page spreads for the

High Priestess and Hermit. These are what I call mood drafts. they are early experiments with the general look and feel rather than specific directions.

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