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Example reading for a Male querent who has asked about the progress on a project at work:


Male Querent = House 22 Choices

Gentleman Boss = House 18 Dog

Colleague = House 10 Scythe

2 Colleague = House 14 Fox


The querent has real issues with his boss! The two male characters are sitting back to back which shows discord and problems - the cards shared by them explain the problems (Child Fox Letter). The client is at a pivotal moment in their position (Sat in house of Choices), they know that the boss is looking to employ new people (Ring Woman Lilies) which he sees as direct competition (Mountain ahead of him). He believes his job is secure (Anchor Heart) but doesnt know for how long (Time in a negative position). He also does not communicate well with his boss on this matter (Letter Fox Child). The Boss on the other hand, is focusing on the issues they are facing with a mentality of “more hands on deck” (supported by Woman / Birds / Cross / Dog / Bridge / Tower). One of the new colleagues will be absolutely out for their own success and making sure the boss thinks highly of her (Moon above Lady and Gentleman beneath), whereas the other newbie will be very much trying to comply with the current team and fitting and her concern that she is not perhaps so equipped for the position, relying on the client for help (cards around Significator and Woman).


Again, just a short excerpt of the full GT, but incredible how the interpersonal relationships shine through.


Toni Savory

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