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This project includes the additional cards that I created for my previous Gilded Reverie Lenormand. We have also decided to substitute the box for a beautiful satin drawstring pouch.

The cards will be 2.45 x 3.95 inches.

47 cards plus a signature card with gold edging.

You will be able to access a private webpage related to the Sui Generis Lenormand by using the barcode on card 44 in your deck. Aim your phone camera at the barcode to be taken to the site.

To view the core images from each card, scroll down and watch the video

For more information regarding the extra cards and their meanings, read the additional text further down the page.

The “Sui Generis” is the second Lenormand deck that I have designed. Like its predecessor, the Gilded Reverie, this special edition deck was produced primarily for readers already versed in the Lenormand system. Therefore to provide a documented summary  of meanings for each card seemed somewhat redundant. There is every likelihood that those intending to use this deck would already be quite familiar with the core meanings for each image. Additionally there are ample on line sources that provide in depth introductions into this genre. Some of which  I have found particularly useful in my own Lenormand journey, provided by some of the leading readers of todays contemporary Lenormand community. With that said of course there are, as with most Cartomancy systems, nuanced variations in those meanings for each reader. My objective with this deck is to provide images that incorporate a fresh decorative personal style to those traditional Lenormand objects and characters but do so in a manner that is still familiar and can continue to be used in a readers personal preferred way.


The initial 36 cards closely follow Lenormand tradition, but incorporate three additions. One being the Owl which can be a substitute for the Birds, both share the same number 12. There is no significance to this other than it offers a choice to those cultures where an Owl is preferred. There are also a second Man and Woman card. The ability to use two cards of the same gender within a spread might provide more relevance depending on the specific issues or persons being addressed in a reading. Beyond the more obvious representation of personal relationships, the use of two cards of the same gender might also better reflect a business partnership or members of the same family etc. Inclusion of these addition gender cards might also provide  even more intriguing combinations.... i.e.  using three gender cards in the same reading. There are also an additional 8 cards to a standard Lenormand deck.


When you order is shipped you will recieve a tracking number and link to a private page of this web site, or alternatively you can scan the bar code depicted on card 44 of the deck. On that page you will find additional explanation and suggested means of using the extra cards.

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