Beyond the core set of 36 cards, which can be used in partial combinations to create any spread you prefer, or in their totality as the Grand Tableau, there are an additional eight cards of my own invention. These were  initially introduced in the earlier Gilded Reverie deck. It has been very satisfying to learn of the many novel ways readers have come to embrace and utilize these extra cards, and I encourage you to experiment and come up with your own. Nevertheless my initial intent was they would not be used as additional cards “within” a spread, but rather complementary cards “to” a spread. That they could be used to provide an additional overall perspective, context and clarity, directed at specific issues within a spread or to its overall summary. Each of these extra cards contributes in different ways, so you may choose to work with one or more of them depending on the circumstance.

37 LEN TIME.jpg
38 LEN WELL.jpg
42 LEN MASKS.jpg
39 LEN DICE.jpg

Here are some suggested meanings for the eight new cards:


37 Time - Make more time for yourself. It's time to do that which is shown in an adjacent card. Could indicate a long time, if surrounded by or adjacent to “slow” cards (Anchor, Lilies, Tree, Mountain), or a short time if surrounded by or adjacent to “fast” cards (Scythe, Whip, Child). Make sure you allow for time as a factor in your considerations.

38 Well - Look deeper. Hidden depths. More to the story. A goal which is attainable but still takes some work (I derived this meaning from the physical action of raising the bucket). A negative meaning would be someone who keeps their emotions hidden (i.e. forcing someone to have to dig in order to find out what's going on with you).

39 Dice - An attitude of play, also games and fun. Could indicate someone "playing games." Gambling, risky behavior. It's a crap shoot. Also to reinforce that some decision from romance, career choices, moving to another city, may desire all your homework and a gamble and the outcome unpredictable, so enter ht decision with realistic expectations of the outcome.

40 Compass - Guidance. Direction. Plan. Stopping to take bearings. Feedback from others on where you are in life. Too much planning. Too willing to follow others' plans unquestioningly.A need to clarify where you are at this point and consider it int he context of where you are going.


41 Bridge - A "connector" between the cards to its left and right. Building bridges between people. Something that assists you in getting to a destination.

42 Mask - Playing roles. Taking on a different role would be appropriate in this situation (forexample, someone who is usually meek and mild will need to be more assertive). Equally a mask may be hiding the truth, it provides false courage to be something you are not. The same applies to those who you interact with. One could be vulnerable to deception.

43 Maze - A puzzle or problem requiring rational deduction to solve. Your road isn't a direct one but has twists and turns. A frustrating separation from people or goals (the people in the card are separated and facing different directions). Dead end. A narrow viewpoint - inability to see the larger plan. Start again, try a different track. Others are facing the same challenges, you are not alone. They may be of assistance or equally lost. The same path may not suit all.

44 Lens - A closer look. Details are important. A preoccupation or obsession (focusing too much on something). Focus!, you're missing something important. Something needs to be looked at more closely. In a literal sense, read the small print. Look and consider beyond what is initial presented or said and consider motivations and other influences.


As with all my images that are new or deviate in some manner from traditional forms, these meanings are just a initial suggestions, they are not carved in stone. I trust the images will also provide sufficient flexibility that you can apply your own interpretations, ones that may better suit the circumstances of any particular reading.

The following simple fabricated spread serves to demonstrate how the an initial summary might be influenced by teh additional cards.

28 LEN MAN A.jpg
29 LEN WOMAN A.jpg
24 LEN HEART.jpg
25 LEN RING.jpg
34 LEN FISH.jpg
3 LEN SHIP.jpg

A message, from a man to a woman, the heart suggest the subject of the letter is of a romantic nature, the ring suggests a proposal. The fish might indicate it’s good match financially. The ship indicates a journey will be involved, one of the two participants having to travel to the other, should the Proposal be accepted or it might symbolize both traveling together afterwards. The honeymoon, or more symbolically, their shared journey into the future as a couple. This might seem a straightforward take on the cards shown, but let’s assume that the reader for whatever reason is not quite convinced. Something doesn’t quite feel right or vague or they simply want to pause and reconsider, and use one or more of the additional cards to prompt either a confirmation or re consideration. 


Time card. Asks the obvious, when would this all happen, soon or later. Is there a time restraint, a specific short term window that requires an immediate  decision to made?


The Well. Recommends a general more in depth consideration of one or more cards in order to address the specifics of  the querants situation and questions. A better understanding of either of the protagonists and the significance of the proposal itself.


The Dice. Is he (or she) really THE one. You consider everything from the practical to the emotional which certainly helps but ultimately life is full of gambles, is this one of them? If so what are the risks and consequences.


The Compass. where will all this actually go, what is the final destination, where is “there” either geographically or as an emotionally state. Will the destination  be a positive one?


The Bridge. Consider a more direct connection between two given cards or aspects of the spread. Is one particularly influencing the other. If so would that by pass or override other cards that may be between them?


The Masks, up to now everything has been romantic and wonderful, distance has made the heart grow fonder. But.... how well can you really know some one, can you see beyond the mask we all wear to a degree, and what does show, is there a difference?


The Maze. The proposal may be conditional. There may be obstacles that need to be navigated and overcome  before the desired destination accessible.

In conclusion what are your thoughts now of the initial scenario the spread suggested.