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78 Cards - 3x5 Inches

330gm Card Stock

Gloss Varnish

Metallic Silver Edging

Additional Signature Card

Outer Box with Magnetic Closure

THIS DECK DOES NOT INCLUDE A COMPANION BOOKLET - The images are based on the Rider Waite Smith system and should be familiar territory for most readers. RWS meanings will apply.

The Retrospective and Encore Tarot were two projects with common objectives. Each was based on a collection of my favorite cards from several previous decks.

There is similarity in some of the characters and scenes, but every card was reworked in both decks.

They also share the same approach in that the images veer from the highly colored and detailed style of my earlier decks, and suggest a look and feel of more traditional medium. However each deck achieves this in its own distinct style.

​***PLEASE NOTE: This deck does NOT include the additional cards the previous print run of the Retrospective Tarot came with***


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