Following a successful launch, the first edition of the Marchetti Tarot sold out last year.

We have produced a second edition, with some minor variations to the imagery plus a companion document written by Lee Bursten. In addition to an in depth description for each card of this specific deck, the author also provides a comprehensive insight into its context from a more generic historical perspective of tarot and offers some new sample spreads.

The size of the cards is 3x5 inches, with purple colored metallic edging.

The outer box uses a magnetic closure.


Satin Reading Cloth, Hand Sewn

Gold Satin Backing, 35 x 25 inches

Satin Tarot Bag, Hand Sewn

Gold Satin Lining, 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Deck - Cloth - Bag

Save $20 when ordering as a package

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Companion PDF Document for the Marchetti Tarot