In addition to the special editions I offer on this site, I have produced several other Tarot decks, as well as an Oracle, Lenormand and Kipper deck.


Each were initially self published and released as a special edition. The decks were then licensed and subsequently published worldwide and reproduced into multiple languages.


They can be found from either publisher. Llewellyn Worldwide and US Games Systems,

and other on line sources. I strongly recommend you avoid Amazon, eBay, Wish and AliBaba. While they offer a multitude of decks that may be much cheaper, that comes at a price, because such decks are poor quality reproductions, in an even poorer quality outer box. The imagery is not sharp, the cardstock will not last and they often don't include a companion document. They are produced illegally in unsupervised sweat shops that do not respect even the most basic working conditions for their employees.