Digital Jigsaw, Spot the Difference and Hidden Object Puzzles

These Exclusive Tarot themed puzzles are based on various tarot decks I've produced over the years and only available in this digital format.

They can be played on your computer or mobile device

You can select the piece-count of your choice to increase the degree of difficulty, for a really engaging challenge

When your order is placed for the JIG SAW puzzles, you will be sent a downloadable reference image for your puzzle

The puzzle link will be sent via email within 2 hours of your order

(if ordered between 8am - 11pm EST) or within 5 hours (if ordered between 11pm - 8am EST)

Scroll down the page for the SPOT THE DIFFERENCE & HIDDEN OBJECT puzzles. Upon ordering, these will be available for immediate download. 

Digital Puzzles

Additional Ice Palace "Hidden Objects" image will be sent to you via email with purchase of Ice Palace "Spot the Difference"