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The Progression Spread 

The Progression Spread is a favourite for really understanding the dynamics of any given situation. The full deck is shuffled whilst a question is asked and the cards laid in the layout below (starting at the top).






How to read:

Card 1 - The biggest influence on the situation (affects all cards below)

Card 1 - the biggest issue in the situation (affects all cards above)

Cards 2-6 - Show how the situation will progress (read as a narrative 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)



Explain Card 1 and how it influences the situation.

Explain Card 2 and what issues will be met.

Read cards 2 through 6 in a narrative fashion.

Explain how Card 1 influences each of these points in narrative,

Explain how card 7 will hinder the progress of each card above.

Summary of the answer to your question.


Example: Female querent, Relationship question.


The querent’s relationship is struggling, it is lackluster at best (Tree in influences). The couple also face adversity from those around them, some people do not like their relationship (Mountain below). The relationship is a successful family in its essence (House beginning the line) but one that is moving more into a platonic relationship (perhaps not enough passion with Dog presenting). However, it does move into a more loving phase (Heart central) but that quickly deteriorates (Mice) into huge decisions on the future of their relationship (Choice ending a line is like an ultimatum being dropped without knowing the ending!). 


Let’s look now at how we could present this as an interpretation.


Dear client, I am sorry to say that you and your partner are currently at a low point that is draining the relationship, mostly due to external forces (namely people within your circle) who are quite negative in their influence. You do have a strong foundation from which to grow (House beginning) but are tending to be less physical or intimate with one another (Dog). The love is absolutely present between you, but it could begin to deteriorate should you continue to take the advice of others (Mice and Mountain - never forget the issues!), ultimately leading you to question whether you should stay or go! I would add an advice that a partnership is between two people, the more people added into the relationship (whether that be via oversharing with friends and family or just unsolicited digs at the relationship) the more it will struggle (Mountain essence beneath).

Male querent, Financial question.


The querents financials are dependant upon sales being made (Ship above), this shows that the client is probably incentivised at work with bonus or commission, or they are self employed bringing the finances in themselves. Bridge beneath in the issues area shows that financially they will be bridging the gaps between income and outgoings i.e. finding the right balance of finances could be difficult! The querent’s financials are not all that they seem on paper (Mask) but they will rise to a break even (satisfactory) level (Lilies) before fluctuating downwards mid month causing concerns (Cross). They will rise again (Bear showing Great Fortune!) but be careful not to overspend because Fox sitting at the end speaks of not having enough at the end of the month!



Your financials are not in a state that breaks even at the beginning of the month. You will find sales fluctuate throughout the month and it is important to see the bigger picture of the month end balance sheet in order to understand what gaps need to be bridged. Make sure the incomings match the outgoings before spending any further, but know when it gets tough that sales will come in shortly afterwards, just don’t be caught off guard by the slower periods Mid month!

How to use the extra Lady and Gentleman cards.

The extra people cards in the Lustrous Lenormand are extremely useful additions to the standard Lenormand deck. Not only are we afforded same sex relationship dynamics, we can also use the extra cards, together with the 28 Man and 29 Woman cards to show family dynamics or generational relationships where interpersonal attitudes are required. For example, if you have a client with a situation in the workplace, it may be wise to add the two extra people to show how a colleague or boss will act in the situation. Similarly, if you have a patchwork family, the extra people cards can signify the ex and how they influence each other. As a keen Kipper reader (nod to Fin de Siecle) the interpersonal dynamics highlighted by extra people in the deck is an eye opener for any client wishing to delve into more than one relationship.


Example reading for a Female querent who has a Husband and an Ex who plays a significant role due to shared children in the first marriage:


Looking purely at the Significators we can see:

Querent is sat in house 14 (Fox).

Partner is sat in house 18 (Dog).

Ex is sat in house 8 (Coffin).


Just using these positions alone we can surmise:

The querent has a strong relationship with her partner (they look eye to eye facing one another), but the ex is still in the picture and causing issues (Gentleman is sat in a negative position to the Significator with difficult cards around). 

The querent is struggling with the ex who is not showing their true colours (Mask beneath Gentleman), he pretends to be happy for you and shares all the niceties (Bear and Lilies in negative aspect to Significator) but cannot be trusted (Bear = Jealousy / Mountain = Enemies / Mask = Hidden). She should be careful that he does not mess with her head too much (Tree is above significator in thoughts zone). Lilies also falls beneath him showing his actions are purely egotistical and not in her best interests!


During this her partner really struggles to understand what is going on (Maze above Man) but he is trying to reconcile the situation knowing that the way to long term stability is through a friendly attitude (Dog Bridge Tower). He really does not want to be friends with your ex (Cross over Dog) but knows that the stress experienced to date in the situation has only muddied the waters and a new and fluid approach will be the best way to regaining control (Birds Maze Fish Child Tower).


We have only read a small portion of the GT but you will see how much information can be gained by adding more people!

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