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Ace of Coins 

Aces are usually about a beginning or start of something. This one is from the earthy physical realm. Sometimes an ace’s energy can feel lonely, but actually we have many animal helpers in clear view on this card. It would behoove us to allow the animals of this world to assist with the new endeavor of our family, resources and perhaps our physical body. 

The challenge can be falling in to the trap of victimhood thinking that no one is there to help, when in fact it’s all been set up and planned out waiting for us water and nurture the growth. 

Two of Coins

Our dancer on the Two of Coins looks to the left, often considered the past, for the lessons they have learned to maintain balance, especially when things start moving and shaking. Balance, strength & patience are key for us now. New partnerships, cooperation and help may appear at this time as well. Being open to receive help and a willingness to delegate work will benefit us in the long run. Now is not the time for our stubborn, cynical or greedy side to come out. 

Three of Coins

The assignment we’ve been wanting, and waiting for, has arrived. The looming unfinished structure behind our worker shows us just how much work there is to be done which fills us with excitement and hope. This reminder will help keep our ‘nose to the grindstone’ in the form of motivation. 

Avoid letting others criticism feed into our cynical nature about the precision and quality of the work we are doing. Only share about your journey and process with those whom you trust to give honest feedback and guidance. 

Four of Coins

With the Four of Coins it appears we have all that we need. The harvest was solid and abundant. This is due to our shrewd business sense and wise planning. It would benefit us to continue to be practical, patient & disciplined with our resources and spending. All will be well.  

We must not be greedy and fall in to the trap and belief that there is not enough to go around. If we find ourselves hoarding our money and resources out of fear, we will only reap in fear and potentially lose what we have worked so hard for. 

Five of Coins

It’s okay to admit it, it is a rough and difficult time right now. Our money, family, resources and perhaps even our physical body are all stretched to the limits. Reaching out for help at this pivotal point is not a sign of weakness but of strength and wisdom. Stability is just around the corner.

It will be better for us to avoid stepping in the role of victim as it can be a tough rut to break out of. Refusing to accept any changes can prolong us form getting back on our feet, balanced and centered. 

Six of Coins

Our patience and persistence has paid off, balance has come in like a gift from a stranger. We must make sure to accept what is being given to us no matter the source in order for us the capture, receive and implement the true meaning and lesson. Then we can use what we have received and learned wisely to secure the abundance that is right around the corner.

If we fall for the materialistic trap of possessiveness and fear our wealth may dry up as we have not learned the deep lesson within the six of coins.  

Seven of Coins

Now is the time for us to take advantage of the ‘easy picking’ or ‘low hanging fruit’. Avoid over analyzation so we don’t get paralyzed with fear of ‘doing it right’. The baskets won’t fill themselves and there is no time to rest just yet. If we enlist the help of our trusted friends or co-workers to get the job done we can celebrate and relax sooner.

Procrastination, over indulgence or indifference may delay the harvesting and allow the fruit to spoil. Also, resisting the change that has taken place can thwart our efforts to get ahead.  

Eight of Coins

The Eight of Coins show us that the real work begins now. It’s time to stay focused and shut out any distractions. ‘Burning the candle at both ends’ may be a requirement to achieve the success we want. The work we have now won’t last long but it will be worth it when we come to the end.

Obsessing over all the details and allowing our perfectionist to come out may stifle the flow of work and create an unhappy environment for everyone. 

Nine of Coins

We have arrived! All the hard work has paid off. We can ease across the finish line. It’s time to enjoy the things we’ve acquired and take care of our family and friends. 

Flaunting what we have gained over others, or forgetting where we came from,  and all the work it took you to get here can be a big mistake and potentially cause us to tumble down the hill we just climbed.

Ten of Coins

With the Ten of Coins we have reached stability with our money, resources, physical body and the material world around us. The work has been worth it and now we can start our next venture, but now we have changed for the better. We will be different in this new cycle.

Sitting too long on the ‘wealth’ or obsessing over what we have achieved may bring about stale unproductive energy which could make it difficult to begin again. 

Page of Coins

The Page of Coins appears to be calling us to learn something new. This page can teach us much about our resources as well as all things physical in our world. We are encouraged to surround ourselves with natures most precious teachers, the animals of this world, for they have so much to offer and impart on us, if we just listen and learn. 

The slow stubborn energy of this card can also be a downfall if we allow it to creep in as fear, procrastination or laziness.

Knight of Coins

The Knight of Coins is a slow mover, but a mover and motivator nonetheless. This card encourages us to gently take action in what needs to be done around our home, within our family, at our work and our bodies. 

Keeping our momentum can be a challenge with this card as well as getting caught up in the details. One step at a time might be too slow but it’s all we can do. 

Queen of Coins

Earthy, grounded and full of compassion, the Queen of Coins calls us to be as compassionate and responsible as we can right now without giving away our own personal self-care focus. She wants us to stay as grounded as we can in the near future. Her power, and ours, is truly within and generated from the path she has physically walked and experienced first hand.

Allowing our pessimism and rigidity to rear it’s head could work to our detriment if we aren’t cautious

King of Coins

The King of Coins pronounces that we have arrived. We have been through so much. We have accumulated all the things of this world and mastered them as well. Abundance is at our fingertips and we have proven this time and time again. Sharing our wisdom with others now would be a great way to give back to those watching and learning from us. 

Thinking we have nothing left to learn, or do, can bring about loss and confusion of what to do with our resources. We are called to stay open to learning and growing. 

Palace of Coins

The Palace of Coins is truly a place of retreat for us. It calls us to rest, recuperate  and regenerate our weary bodies. Enjoy the rest while you can, but staying too long can weaken us and might cause us to avoid taking the next powerful journey out there.