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Ace of Wands

This single wand emerging almost magically from the fiery earth brings about something new, something transformative and something spiritually fresh. We need to be prepared to ‘take flight’ with the energy of this card and the help of these beautiful creatures. 

If we let any fear creep in it will only prolong our ‘launch phase’ of this new inspirational endeavor. Now is the time to be bold and brave. 

Two of Wands

A choice, in the form of two boxes, is floating before us, and there is just ONE key. Does it fit both boxes or just one? We must trust our intuition on the decision. We also should prepare ourselves for a wonderful transformation. Be brave and unlock a box. By our direct nature in making a decision we will receive that thing we have longed for, hoped for and wished for. 

Making a selfish decision to keep both boxes even though they are locked may just hold us in limbo for an unidentified length of time preventing our hard work from paying off. 

Three of Wands

The Aries symbol floating in the middle of this scene reminds us it was our passion and willingness to take a chance that finally brought all our dreams to fruition. The crashing waves remind us of the emotional toll it may have taken. We need to remember that our emotional power is what helped attract and manifest this outcome. It will be important for us to remember we didn’t do it alone. Avoid letting that ‘lone wolf’ mentality seep into your world. 

Four of Wands

Magically things abound in our safe secure world. We have created a peaceful home and core group of friends and, perhaps, a chosen family. 

Living in a bubble of our own creation can feel good, but eventually we have to take flight and venture out into what many call ‘the real world’. The adjustment can be harsh if we are not prepared. We must trust that our created fortress is ‘within us’ as well and we are safe. 

Five of Wands

We may not realize that who, or what, we are fighting may be internal, or within us, not external or outside the self. This card can bring about lots of changes and often spiritual ones. With the right perspective on the situation it can and will most likely be amazing. The battle within us can be shortened by giving into these changes and allowing the natural flow of our journey to come forth.

If we keep fighting what feels like only external battles, as most of us still believe, then we will most likely stay trapped or stuck in a place of confusion and frustration. 

Six of Wands

Victory is ours, so we must believe it. We’ve earned it. We fought hard and much has suffered as we have achieved our balance. Allow the accolades and praise to wash over us and receive it all with humility. 

Falling in to the trap of our ego can lead to surprises that won’t let us off very easily and possible even drag us back several steps. 

Seven of Wands

Surprise!! We didn’t expect what is upon us but it’s not as bad as it appears at first. If we take a breath, analyze the situation and proceed forward with clear thought and intent we can realize the benefits of the situation.

Jumping to conclusion and allowing our ‘fight or flight’ brain to take over may bring about set backs that won’t be enjoyable at all. 

Eight of Wands

Our success and reward for our optimism and perseverance is the clarity we have been given. Our head, like the eight wands, is above the clouds and fog and we can see for miles. It’s time to make our decisions, create our next journey. It’s time to make a move on what we have been planning.

This is not the time for us to be lazy or shrink back and retreat in fear. Starting over would be harder than the last time.  

Nine of Wands

Some of the hardest work we will ever do is the creative, spiritual and imaginative kind. Most people won’t see what we are going through or how hard it’s been. The Nine of Wands encourages us to keep going. We have just a little bit more to go before completion is achieved. We can do it.

We must avoid looking back or getting caught up in playing the victim at this point. It could break the motivation and drive we have to complete this task, project or important moment in life. 

Ten of Wands

It’s a great time for us to rejoice in the completion of this most recent trek. It may not have brought about applause from many others, but the sun, moon & stars saw what we did. Even the animals of the fields are impressed with the load we carried. We are changed from having made it this far.

By not realizing the changes that occurred within us along the way can cause resentment for having had to carry such a burden. Retelling the stories of frustration and pain only solidify a negative narrative each time we bemoan and share it. 

Page of Wands

As our Page of Wands stares directly at us we can feel their intent nature almost as if they have a secret they want to share with us. And they do. Let us pull up a chair, grab our notepad and get ready for some transformational wisdom. They bring messages from beyond what we, in our physical world, can see, feel & touch. 

Doubt in the message, or our ability to hear and trust it, can prevent us from progressing on our road to enlightenment. 

Knight of Wands

Let the fire burn and transform us now. Things will move quickly for us now that the Knight of Wands has appeared. There is no time for us to hesitate. What is about to happen is powerful and we will never be the same if we choose to allow.

The fire may hurt at first, but it’s only because of our resistance to it. Avoid letting the emotional energy squash the passion that has been sparked by this card. 

Queen of Wands

OH!!! The passion of this queen. The Queen of Wands will ignite in us things that have been dormant but have been waiting to blossom, sprout and flourish. The power of transformation goes beyond ourselves, it has the ability to change all those around us if we let it. 

We must watch out for our small self and the desire to put ourselves ahead of others. It can cause all kinds of challenges that will take away from our true purpose. 

King of Wands

Our King of Wands shows us just how many ‘incarnations’ we’ve had to live to become our truest self. He allows us to burn down any blocks we have around our heart. With his guidance we know we are ready for the next step in our life.

Believing we can dominate all those around us could be our biggest crutch. We must keep our gluttonous desires in check to prevent our ‘downfall’.  

Palace of Wands

Designed as a place of spiritual learning and healing, this Palace of Wands is where real transformation can happen. It provides a place of inspiration if we only accept it.