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From my earliest memories, I recall sketching and drawing as a means of self-expression and sharing those images as a way to interact with others. I was extremely fortunate to be selected for an experimental course at my high school in the UK, where I was introduced to subjects such as graphic design, typography, and illustration. I later attended art college in London, graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.

In my late twenties, after a few years of freelancing, I moved to South America to join a friend from the same high school program. Together, we founded a graphic design company. After a few years, our company was approached by the international advertising group Ogilvy and Mather. The partnership that followed provided opportunities for expansion, making us the largest graphic design entity in the region at the time. This  expansion continued with my move to the US, where I opened a branch of the company based in Miami, managing various international corporate accounts such as American Express, British Airways, Nabisco, and Philip Morris.

Despite the success of this venture, the world of corporate design with its protocols and limitations began to lose its appeal. Several years later, I resigned from the company to dedicate my time to my first love: illustration. 

From the very early days and initially limited software applications, I embraced digital technology as my preferred medium. Substituting tradition pencil and pen on paper, with a digital pen and tablet onto a screen, applying the flexibility it provided. But rather than using software such as Photoshop to manipulate imagery, for which it was initially intended, I instead used it to illustrate original imagery. During the early years that followed, I was honored to have been a recipient of several Photoshop awards.


Much of my work has involved designing tarot decks in addition to a wide range of images that have been licensed and published in various media, including posters, jigsaw puzzles, and themed fabrics. These Tarot related items are widely available both from the pricipal store site (use link on top right of screen). The puzzles are widely available both in retail stores and online platforms and can be found via a Google search of my name and “puzzles”


For prints, at various size and material options. these can be viewed and ordered from or

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