A Special Edition Package for Tarot Aficionados 

correspondence prints.png
Small correspondence package deck.png



Black folder containing the following:

- 26 full colored, 8.5 inch x 11 inch prints

- Each printed on a textured, parchment paper.

- One print for each of the Major Arcana (22 of the 26 prints). 


Prints are montages of the characters and elements from 6 different tarot decks.

Reverse sides offer a selection of correspondences and symbols*

- Certificate of authenticity personalized with your name & signed by the artist.

- Print of your personal zodiac sign. 

-Print of the Tree of Life, diagram showing the core spheres, paths and astrological glyphs.

- Print of your Tarot combination “birth card” montage based on the configuration corresponding to your personal birth date.

(Use the calculator provided by the Tarot School to determine the birth card combination that corresponds to you.

In addition to the various prints, this package includes a 22 card "deck" of all the Major Arcana montages.

This project is produced in limited quantities. It is printed and collated in house, (literally, my house) not by a commercial printer. 


*Please note that as with many topics related to tarot, there are often varying schools of though regarding correspondences. It is not the intention or scope of this project to provide a comprehensive in depth analysis. Our objective is merely to provide a visual summary and quick reference of the principal categories.