From the initial sketches of new images, continuing through various stages of production and then  on to final fulfillment and shipping. A hands on process involving the entire family.

The studio work station is made up of an iMac, Mac Book Pro, iPad Pro and a fresh juicy Macintosh.

Images are initially sketched and then developed using a digital stylus  and tablet. The process is a combination of various techniques from freehand to construction of mechanical shapes patterns and textures. Images can often involve over 50 layers and up to 2 Gigabytes in size. Tarot cards average between 20 and 40 hours of work each. At various stages, 300 dpi resolution proofs are printed on a high end eight color inkjet to ensure color management and accuracy, prior to being sent to the printer for final production.

The sewing room where the themed reading cloths, tarot deck pouches and kimonos are prepared.

In addition to offering customers the option of customized designs, the additional details of tying bows, adding signatures and hand written dedications provide a personal touch.