The Tarot of Dreams was initially published in 2006 in its original special edition version. This came with an interactive disk that included various unique features such as proprietary reading software, animated cards, video and music.  This original version was priced at $75 and sold out in February of 2009, the last 10 copies were in fact auctioned on E-bay, the last of which went for over $450.

    Following that, I continued to receive numerous requests for a reprint. I finally decided to do that and produced a standard version which was released in September of 2009.  In fairness to those who had obtained the original version at its higher price, I ensured there was a difference between the two.  The standard version varied in size, and finish.  It did not include the disk, but instead came with a guidebook and four additional "Palace" cards.  This also sold out, and so I am now offering this third edition. This only difference is that the cards of this latest version are approximately 5mm taller, thicker card stock and the edges are metallic gold. The outer box is also larger.

PLEASE NOTE. I have provided a comprehensive description and visual reference of this deck, if you need any additional information before deciding  to order this item, please feel free to contact me. However please also understand that these decks are sealed and new. Because of the personalized nature of Tarot decks, once they have been opened, I cannot sell them, so for that reason I do not accept returns, however in the unlikely event that a card is missing or damaged, these will be replaced immediately.

Tarot of Dreams Third Edition 82 Card Deck and Companion Booklet