This deck was initially released as a collectors special edition which included some additional cards to the 36 of the traditional Lenormand system. That edition sold out earlier in 2013. This is a standard 36 card* version of this deck that has been published by US Games and is available from various on line sources and national book stores. I am offering it here as part of a package, along with a selection of themed items, namely a companion document, pouch, reading cloths, scarves and smart phone/tablet apps.

Both the original Special and standard follow up editions of this deck  were recipients of the Best Lenormand Deck of the Year award in the respective years of their release. As voted by the Tarot Professionals community.

Fully featured Apps for the iPhone iPad, Android, Kindle and Nook

Package including the deck, plus additional signed mini portrait of Mademoiselle Lenormand, themed satin pouch (shown front and back) and link to a companion PDF document.

The companion PDF document can also be downloaded as a separate item.

This document is a more comprehensive version of the small booklet that is included with the actual deck. Its 140 plus pages, in full color. Contents include a brief intro by the author, an overview of the history of Lenormand, descriptions and large images of each card. Also included is an introduction and demonstration of the Grand Tableau layouts, along  with a selection of unique spreads with sample readings contributed by a diverse selection of experienced practitioners of the Lenormand system.

Hand sewn themed reading cloths and scarves. Go to Reading cloth page for details

Pouch only $20

Deck/Pouch/Print/PDF Package $45

* The extra cards that were part of the special edition deck are not included, they were  initially a personal additional, one which I felt comfortable offering as part of my original deck as that was aimed at collectors and an audience that were  interested in my work, but I considered they would cause confusion as part of this mass produced edition which  was intended for a larger audience. One that would include many beginners unfamiliar to Lenormand, so it was decided to release the current edition with just the basic 36 cards of the standard recognized Lenormand system.