The Gilded Tarot Royale is a special edition. It varies from the original Gilded Tarot in a number of ways.  The images of each card have all been completely re painted. This is a self published edition and is currently only available from this web site. The cards are physically larger 3.75 x 5.5 inches The card stock is thicker with a gloss finish and edged in metallic gold. The package includes a variety of themed monitor wallpapers, avatars, screen savers and stationary. There is no companion book to explain tarot, as I really don’t imaging that many potential customers of this deck, readers and collectors, will have need of one. But there is a PDF document that provides some personal insights and further explanation of many of these particular images.  Customers will be provided a link from where these items can be downloaded Each deck includes an additional signature card.

For clarification the original Gilded Tarot will continue to be published by Llewellyn and is widely available

Background information.

The Gilded Tarot was my first tarot deck.  As such, it was produced at the early stages of my familiarity with the subject and isn't as comprehensive in its symbolic content as the two following decks.  Despite it not being fully embraced by some of the more academic or conservative members of the tarot community, who in their wisdom dismissed it as shallow and a passing fad that would not stand the test of time, it nevertheless seems to have struck a chord with the greater majority. Since its initial release in 2004, it has sold well over 300,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into Czech, Russian, Slovenian, Greek, German, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish French and most recently in Chinese. A truly unexpected response for which I am grateful and honored.

    However in the world of digital art, the medium in which I now work, the ten years since I produced the original version of the Gilded, is a lifetime, both in terms of the software and my personal comfort using it. A learning curve that never stops. So I am my own worst critic and recognize lets say, room for improvement, and so with that in mind and as a kind of celebration of my own personal artistic journey through this fascination world of tarot, I decided to re work the entire deck.  The publisher of the original version chose to not produce this new version hence the availability of this special edition is restricted.

PLEASE NOTE. I have provided a comprehensive description and visual reference of this deck, if you need any additional information before deciding  to order this item, please feel free to contact me. However please also understand that these decks are sealed and new. Because of the personalized nature of Tarot decks, once they have been opened, I cannot sell them, so for that reason I do not accept returns, however in the unlikely event that a card is missing or damaged, these will be replaced immediately.

Gilded Tarot Royale Deck

& support files.  $55